11 Sep

I thought I would share some hair preparation tips to take leading up to your event or wedding day. 

Let's Talk Vitamins-

Are they worth it? The short answer: yes! They are not an overnight fix and it does take some time for vitamins to take over and start working. So, with that said start as early as you can and give the vitamins about 3 months to see results. 

Look for vitamins that promote hair health, like:

1. Olly Nutrition Heavenly hair (these are yummy!): https://bit.ly/3jYkBoM

2. Nutrafol Core for Women: https://bit.ly/3heaIBx

3. Viviscal (for existing hair growth): https://bit.ly/3lc1jeJ

Let's Talk Detox:

A good scalp and hair detox is key to lasting hairstyles. Overtime, products may build up on the hair, causing your hair to go limp. Detox a few times before your wedding day or special event. The results will be shiny, healthy hair. 

1. The Ouai Detox Shampoo. This is a great one and also gentle on the hair: https://bit.ly/38X65Hk

2. Act + Acre: The Essentials Detox for scalp and hair


3. Living Proof Triple Detox Shampoo: 


Let's Talk The Day Before The Event:

Typically, it is best to wash your hair the night before your event and make sure to go to sleep with dry hair. If you are getting a blowout on your event date, then washing it the morning of is best. 

To help the longevity of your hairstyle, it is best to:

1. Avoid applying conditioner on your roots and only apply it to the ends. That way the conditioner won't weight the hair down.  

2.  If you have fine or naturally straight hair, avoid heavy creams or oils. Let your hairstylist add the products that will work well with your hair type and hairstyle. 

3. For naturally curly or textured hair, prep your hair with a leave-in or cream that aids against frizz.  

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