27 Jul

Choosing the best makeup brush can be a bit overwhelming, especially when there are so many out there to choose from. And for most of us, when we find that perfect brush, we stick with it for years! Brushes are one of those items that are non-disposable, unlike a foundation where I find myself always trying out the newest one on the market. I'm all about quality brushes that deliver and truly allows my makeup skills to shine. Quality makeup brushes make a world of a difference. This is why I decided to narrow it down and share my top favorite makeup brushes that you need to complete your everyday makeup look! 

  • All of these brushes are 100% Vegan, which means the bristles are synthetic.
  • My top picks are great for everyday makeup application and can be great for multitasking--if you're more of a one brush for everything kinda gal.
  • These brushes are top quality, yet affordable and last a very long time. 

+To start it off:

1. Foundation: Crown brush in C451

  • Perfect medium sized brush for building coverage. This dense brush can give you a full coverage application. It is good for buffing or stippling the product on for a flawless finish. 


2. Concealer/Cream Contour: Morphe M173

  • This small dome shaped brush is perfect for your under eye area and any detail work around your face. I use this to blend out the under eye concealer and can use it to apply your cream contour. 


3. Powder/Blush/Contour: Moda Pro BMX-120

  • This brush can be used for basically all powder applications. For me, I like to use it for blush on my clients, because of the angle of the bristles, how soft it is, and how it diffuses the powder nicely on the skin. 



4. Eyeshadow: Morphe M573 or MAC 217s

  • This blending eyeshadow brush is perfect for blending shadow in the crease. It creates a soft blend and it's also perfect to build up a smoky eye!



5. For lower lash line/smudging eyeliner/applying shimmer shadow to the lid: Moda Pro BMX 402 

  • Another multi-functional brush! This one is great for smaller detail work around the eyes. I apply shimmery shadows or smoke out the lower lash line with this. Pro tip: After you pick up shimmer shadow, mist some setting spray onto the brush, then apply it to the lid for a more pigmented result!


Let me know if you have any makeup brush questions down below!



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