08 Jun

I often get asked how to prep for a makeup appointment & I want to share the steps you can take prior to your special day or event to give your skin that extra oomph it may need!

Without properly prepping your face,  your makeup/products won't be working to its full potential. So below, I'm going to share some quick & easy steps, because we all know that beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin! And a little TLC doesn't hurt ;) It's one of the ways I like to self-care too!


1. Remove all traces of makeup & Cleanse your face. Start by removing your makeup with micellar water. Micellar water gently cleanses and removes the excess dirt and leftover makeup on the skin rather than using a wipe (wipes are harsh, irritating to the skin and too much pulling can cause premature aging/wrinkles). I recommend Simple or Garnier Micellar water. Following the micellar water,  I like to use the Drunk Elephant Jelly cleanser or an oil cleanser. Both are amazing for all skin types & very gentle on the skin. 

2. Exfoliate. (only 1-2x per week) Getting rid of dead skin cells lingering on the surface of your skin really helps your makeup apply smoothly and prevents makeup from appearing cake-y! You can use a gentle daily exfoliant for this step if you have sensitive skin. I personally tend to like using a physical exfoliant such as Dermalogica Microfoliant, Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate, or you can use a chemical exfoliant. All of which help buff away those unwanted dead skin cells. Afterwards, your face will have that healthy glow and feel smooth--ready for a perfect makeup application! Adding this step into your routine makes a world of a difference to the texture of your skin.

3. Tone & Moisturize. Apply a toner to maintain the pH balance of the skin. I love using Kopari Beauty Coconut Rose Toner or one of Thayer's Alcohol free toners. Right after your toner, I recommend applying a serum first, then follow with a moisturizer such as: Keihl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer or Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb. Moisturized and hydrated skin is essential for a flawless, long-lasting makeup application. 

I hope this little step by step is helpful & If you'd like a more in depth routine or product recommendations, please don't hesitate to ask. 


Kristina Curtis

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