All about that face

09 Aug

With an plethora of beauty products on the market ( & especially at Sephora), I wanted to gather a few items that I believe you will love just as much as I do.

The First item that I threw into my basket was the Marc Jacobs Poutliner in the shade Nude (ist). After seeing the talented Hung Vanngo use it on one of the many celebrity faces he does makeup on, I just felt the need to buy it too. But also, I just have been needing to update my collection of lip liners. I used to only use MAC or NYX liners, but it was time to expand and venture out on a new collection. 

I fell in love with this quadruple threat liner! From the Marc Jacobs Beauty website, "This collection of gel-based hues is collagen-infused to help fill in lines, define and shape lips, for the perfect longwearing canvas for lip color." Before even reading the description, I wore it out for the day. My lips weren't left feeling dry and it did stay put for a great chunk of time before I had to touch it up! yay for new finds, am I right?

The next item I added to the basket was Fenty Beauty Foundation. I've tried it once before and really loved the look, the feeling of it on my skin and the longevity of it as well. It's another unique formula that makes it stand out from the rest. I wouldn't wear this everyday, but when I'm feeling like I need more coverage or I don't have time for touch-ups later in the day, I reach for this one! You know, sometimes you just want to put foundation on and forget about it. This foundation impressed me when I had worked an event all day in the Palm Springs heat. I didn't touch up AT ALL! I didn't even look in the mirror until Later in the day and my face was still was IN TACT! amazing! haha. 

The last item that I threw in my basket is from Belif. The true Cream- Moisturizing Bomb. This product retains moisture for up to 26 hours to leave your skin hydrated without the greasy feeling either. But don't forget: water intake is number one for hydrated skin. This product aids with retaining the moisture an leaves the skin supple and smooth when worn alone or to prep for a beautiful makeup application.


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