01 Aug

My top priority is the health and safety of my clients and myself. Even before COVID-19 hit, sanitation has always been a priority and I will continue to follow infection control guidelines to ensure a safe environment for all. 

Thanks to my background in cosmetology, sanitation was a main focus during school and more importantly to obtain a license. This is literally just the basics for beauty professionals. And when COVID hit, Barbicide came out with a new certification course, which I then took to refresh and prep for the new CDC regulations for going back to work. 

+What is Barbicide certification?:

  • BARBICIDE COVID-19 Certification:
    • Barbicide is the leading disinfectant company and leader in infection control for barbers, salons and beauty professionals.
    • This certification is specific to the beauty industry + COVID-19 safety practices. 
    • I took this certification course to keep up to date with todays health & safety protocols.

+What Are My Health and Safety Protocols:

  • Disinfection: 
    • All Tools and implements are disinfected. Both makeup and hair brushes are cleaned/sanitized thoroughly after each client. 
    • I use disposable mascara wands, makeup sponges, spatulas for scooping out product, and lip applicators.
    • I use 70% alcohol spray on makeup palettes and to sanitize both inside and outside of the palettes and other kit items.
    • My makeup and hair is set up on a clean wipeable/washable mat.
  • Sanitation Station:
    • I have a sanitation kit that includes: 70% alcohol spray and wipes, cleansing wipes for surfaces, an extra mask, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, paper towels, small bags for soiled items to throw away, extra makeup palette. 
    • My kit supplies and makeup are inside non-porous, wipeable (easy to sanitize) cases. 
    • I wash my hands before, during, after each client, with frequent use of hand sanitizer for both myself and client. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment:
    • I will be wearing a mask the entire time of the appointment, I can provide a mask if you don't have one. I have disposable gloves available and face shield. 
  • Social Distancing:
    • The CDC requires 6' between people outside of your household, so beauty professionals are challenged with this, but I went to school where I learned infection control. I am licensed, certified and prepared to make it as safe as possible. 
    • No hugs or hand shakes unfortunately.

I am cutting down on the number of appointments per day and services taking place in the same space to ensure the health and safety of everyone.  If you are feeling sick or showing signs of covid symptoms, we will reschedule.

Hope you're all staying safe and healthy out there!



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